Assessment Tools

Clients can explore their interests, skills, qualities, strengths, traits, moods, and goals (among many others) to develop their strategy for their future.

Evidence-Based Personal Insights

Professional assessment tools used by trained mental health and career counselors are not school-like tests, and definitely not social media quizzes. These tools often seek your quick and unfiltered responses to questions, and then analyze or correlate your responses to a large dataset usually developed over a number of years. From there, many of these tools provide useful reports provide counselor and client with key insights about the client. Here at AutumnSpring we aim to offer a variety of credible, reliable, valid, cost-effective, and informative assessment tools to inform and promote career development and mental health.




Why These Tools Are Useful

Quite simply, these tools create an opportunity for an informed conversation between the client and the counselor. The results and reports generated by these tools do not necessarily provide “answers” to burning questions. Instead, the analyses created by these tools usually give the client a lot to talk about. For example, career interest assessments over the past 50 years have been notorious for “telling” a student what s/he should do as a vocation. That’s not the case today, and especially not with AutumnSpring. In fact, a client who discusses with their counselor why they believe the results are “all wrong” may actually get the most out of a counseling experience that used these tools. Then again, the tools might also uncover unexplored opportunities.

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