Fees for Service

AutumnSpring Counseling is a private-pay (self-pay) practice that does not accept insurance. The fees for services are outlined below.

The preferred method of payment is via the credit, charge, or debit card on file with the client’s SimplePractice profile. SimplePractice is AutumnSpring’s secure online electronic health record and account management system that provides clients with a great deal of control over their information, privacy, and financial security. Clients may access their electronic records, invoices and receipts, and update their payment information by visiting the practice portal at https://autumnspringcounseling.co.

Personal checks written to AutumnSpring Counseling should be given to the counselor at the beginning of the session. Checks are deposited at the close of business that day and cannot be postdated. For anyone not using a credit or charge card, a debit card may prove to be more convenient once the client establishes their relationship with AutumnSpring.

Clients who wish to pay by cash or check are still required to place and maintain a valid payment card on file as a security.

AutumnSpring Counseling Fee Schedule

Effective 08/01/2024 (updated 06/20/2024)



Pre-scheduled New Client Consultation

  • ≈25 minutes
  • Typically offered via telephone
No Charge

Individual Counseling Session

  • ≈50 minutes
  • Live (in-person) or video as agreed in advance

Individual Intake Session

  • ≈50-80 minutes diagnostic session for new clients
  • Live or video
  • Duration of intake session(s) is discussed with the therapist during consultation call
  • May be necessary multiple (2 to 3) sessions
  • Intake documentation must be completed and submitted online at least 24 hours prior to intake session
$115.00 to $170.00

Small Group Counseling Session

  • 2 to 3 people connected to the same setting and addressing a common issue (e.g. families, coworkers, boss-employee, etc.)
  • ≈50 minutes
  • Typically live with other modalities negotiable
  • This session type is offered at the discretion of the counselor
  • May be utilized in conjunction with individual counseling after individual client intake sessions

Group Counseling Session

  • Typically 5 to 10 total clients meeting together according to a theme for 4 to 12 (or more) weeks according to a specific schedule
  • Typically ≈80 minutes per session
  • Always live (in-person)
  • A group counseling package of sessions (and potentially assessments) may be offered or required
  • May be utilized in conjunction with individual counseling or as a standalone intervention
Varies by audience and theme

Group Counseling Potential Client Screening

  • ≈25 minutes, scheduled
  • Offered via phone or video
No Charge

Ad Hoc Strategy, Support, or Urgent Matter Counseling via Phone

  • Per 15 minutes or portion thereof
  • Available at counselor’s discretion
  • Availability cannot be guaranteed

Assessment Tool Administration & Interpretation

  • Fee established and communicated by counselor in advance
  • Fee due prior to the assessment/tool issue (no refunds are possible afterward)
Varies by Cost and Time
No-Show and Cancellation within 24-hours of scheduled session Full Cost of Scheduled Session
Workplace Climate Assessment and/or Work Team Counseling Package Negotiable
Workshop, Seminar, Retreat, Event As Advertised
Official letter or document preparation, and/or professional consultation call

$55 per 30 minutes

(billed in 30-minute increments)