Group Counseling

Connect, process, and learn with others experiencing situations similar to yours.

About Group Counseling

Group counseling offers clients an opportunity to benefit from working with a counselor and discussing with clients who are experiencing situations similar to yours. The counselor screens every potential member of a group to assess their needs and concerns. The counselor then invites clients who fit well with the group’s themes to join a group. Group sizes vary, and are typically between 6 and 10 people, depending on the theme and the potential for cohesion among the group members. Groups then meet at a specific group appointment time each week. The duration of the group is usually between 8 and 12 weeks. All group members are expected to attend every session.

Group counseling requires commitment to all members of the group—a commitment of time, presence, confidentiality, and contribution. The counselor is the leader and/or facilitator of the group, and the counselor often brings teaching and discussion topics to the group meeting. The primary benefit of the group, however, is the connection with others and the shared knowledge and understanding about your situation and the situations of others.


Potential Group Themes

Counselor Joshua Kirby is currently screening potential group members for the following Fall 2021 group themes:

  • ABC Group (Abominable Bosses Club) – A support group for clients who are negatively affected by a “boss” who is just plain abominable.
  • Winds of Change Group – Mid-career professionals who are contemplating a major career change meet here for support and strategy.
  • Headspin Group – Young adults age 18 to 25 (or so) who are struggling with their decision about their first career (including choice of major or first job) come together here to disentangle their thoughts and their options.
  • Graduate Gathering Group – University graduate students of all backgrounds come to discuss studenthood and future professional career issues.
  • Faculty Focus Group – Faculty and instructors working in high school and colleage settings use the time together to cope with the present and strategize about what’s best for their futures.

Should any of these themes resonate with you, please click “Make an Appointment” to request a phone call with Josh.

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