AutumnSpring Counseling, located in The Allenway Building, occupies an excellent counseling suite that could be available for rental during specific times and on a recurring basis. The suite (121) has:

  • a waiting area with chairs (atrium),
  • a small refrigerator with bottles of water,
  • a small microwave oven (for counselor use only),
  • a group counseling space with 10 chairs,
  • a private office with comfortable upholstered chairs (up to 4),
  • dimmable and zoned ceiling lights, and
  • its own dedicated exit door (your clients never need to cross paths).

Restrooms are located just down the hall. There are visitor parking spots under the building, which could be used by you or your client.

Depending on the services offered, it may be possible to rent the group space and the private office separately and simultaneously.

Available Timeframes

Call Josh at 814-826-3737 to discuss current availability. Generally speaking, evenings and weekends have openings.


The rental fees are per hour/session and vary according to needs. Let’s talk!